When’s a good time to hire a lifesci advisor?

A lifesci advisor usually provides companies in the life sciences industry with comprehensive solutions to communications and investor outreach. A consultant’s goal is to increase the client’s visibility within the investment community and educates investors on opportunities offered by these companies. Consultant capabilities include non-deal roadshow planning and execution, KOL Events/R&D Days, corporate communications, capital markets solutions, corporate governance, and equity research.

lifesci advisors

Investor relations is likely the last thing you want to think of when it comes to your biotech company—however, ignoring this essential aspect of your company’s success could very well lead to your downfall. If you’re company is to the point where investor relations is becoming a full time job, that may be a sign to start seeking lifesci advisors to support this area of the business. 

Using an expert, you can receive support in both designing and executing the ultimate investor relations program. By hiring a company as your investor relations consultant, you will have all the help you need in the following areas:

When You Need to Develop a Corporate Message and Position Your Company

The message you put out as a corporation needs to be compelling, brief, and easy to understand if you want investors to behave in a preferred manner. With today’s capital market being as crowded as it is, institutional investors are going to reward those management teams that develop effective and concise communication in their investor themes and key messages.

When It’s Time to Review Your Investor Presentation

Getting input from a number of different stakeholders often has the result of an investor presentation that fails to clearly reflect the opportunities for growth that your business is currently facing, and where your company stands at that point in time. Most lifesci advisors can aid you every step of the way in ensuring that you are creating presentations for your investors that properly articulate the most relevant and telling highlights that need to be shared. Not only that, but they will help you to create presentations that evolve as your business does!

When Your Sell-Side Strategy Could Be Improved

With all the work that goes into managing the best investor relations that you can, one thing that you cannot afford to let fall by the wayside is your sell-side strategy. Managing those existing relationships, as well as bringing in incremental research coverage, is essential to your success. With extensive changes having taken place in this industry, significant turnover has resulted in terms of senior analysts.

An experienced lifesci consultant will leverage his or her existing relationships to aid you in attracting incremental research coverage, as well as tracking down the most beneficial conferences for you to attend, and prioritizing tracking down the one-on-one meetings you need to considerably boost your management’s productivity!

If You Want To Strengthen Buy-Side Targeting

With such a large amount of institutional accounts that exist in every region, the effort that is put into marketing is seeing a drastically smaller return. Instead, find lifesci advisors who help you target investors who have a genuine interest and have proven themselves to have long-term ownership potential. With an experienced consultant on your team, we have proven that when it comes to meetings, quality is far more important than quantity! By actively managing this process and enhancing the quality of your marketing days overall, we are able to yield optimal outcomes!

Preparations and Management

You want experts on your team who have previously excelled in research analysis and portfolio management, and hold the unique specializations you need to prepare the ultimate earnings-call scripts and press releases. Find an advisor who has a unique perspective, and is able to work with you in developing the most effective script and preparing for questions that are likely to come up.

Continuous Execution

Biotech investor relations is not a static industry. The investor relations firms you hire should know everything that needs to go into your biotech IR solution, and know that those needs are constantly changing. In order to develop an effective plan and execute it properly, this requires a continuous execution that produces ongoing, tangible results. The firm you hire must have  hardworking experts that always go the extra mile to ensure that they are able to fulfill your goals each and every time.

The Bottom Line

You have a long list of firms to choose from when it comes to finding the lifesci advisor consulting firm that is best for you. Make sure to find someone that will be with you every step of the way, and is available to aid you and provide you with advice and services that are backed by real experience, results, and success! This is the type of company that you want to partner with.